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McMurtry, John – Canadian Social Studies, 1992
Explores the conflict between education and market goals. Observes that free enterprise differs in goals, motivation, methods, and standards of excellence. Argues that the conflict between the two sets of values is a crisis that is going unnoticed. Suggests that education can lift the market system and serve its needs for literate and numerate…
Descriptors: Educational Objectives, Elementary Secondary Education, Free Enterprise System, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Akinbote, Olusegun – Canadian Social Studies, 1995
Maintains that citizenship education is an important aspect of the philosophy of Nigerian education. Describes the role and growth of citizenship education from the precolonial period to the present. Provides suggestions on how to make citizenship education in Nigeria more effective. (CFR)
Descriptors: African Culture, African History, Citizenship Education, Colonialism
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Risinger, C. Frederick – Canadian Social Studies, 1995
Maintains that, although the ERIC system was established for U.S. educators, it has become an international database. Asserts there is more interest in Canada among U.S. social studies educators than many Canadians may think. Provides an annotated bibliography of 11 ERIC documents and articles dealing with Canadian studies. (CFR)
Descriptors: Annotated Bibliographies, Citizenship Education, Civil Rights, Computer Uses in Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kelebay, Yarema Gregory – Canadian Social Studies, 1996
Reports on current educational issues in Quebec (Canada). Briefly covers some of the major issues addressed in the Estates General, the commission study on the future of education in Quebec. A Montreal School commissioner challenged the government's numbers concerning dropouts. Decentralization, whole language learning, and school rankings also…
Descriptors: Dropout Rate, Dropouts, Educational Administration, Educational Finance
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mock, Karen R. – Canadian Social Studies, 1996
Explores the recent scandal concerning Canadian paratroopers' conduct during the United Nations relief and peacekeeping efforts. Three soldiers from an elite commando unit tortured and murdered an unarmed Somali teenager. Government investigation of this incident has focused on racist ideology, socialization of recruits, and chain-of-command…
Descriptors: Civil Liberties, Foreign Countries, Higher Education, Inquiry
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
McKay, Roberta – Canadian Social Studies, 1996
Reiterates the appropriateness and validity of using student journals in social studies instruction. Differentiates between personal and content area journals, the latter focusing on responses to issues raised in the classroom and readings. Maintains that journal writing increases critical and metacognitive thinking. (MJP)
Descriptors: Critical Thinking, Evaluation, Foreign Countries, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Steinhauer, Noella – Canadian Social Studies, 1996
Comments upon the recent controversy concerning Canadian natives and their occupation of land surrounding Lake Gustafson. The Indians eventually surrendered to tribal authorities. General consensus among the media, the public, and local students was that Canadian authorities overreacted and used heavy-handed tactics during negotiations. (MJP)
Descriptors: American Indians, Cultural Background, Cultural Maintenance, Current Events
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kilgour, David – Canadian Social Studies, 1996
Considers educational and philosophical responses to social and economic change. Offers an insightful review of four major educational philosophies that have emerged from within the North American teaching tradition: perennialism, essentialism, progressivism, and reconstructivism. (MJP)
Descriptors: Educational Change, Educational Development, Educational Objectives, Educational Philosophy
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Risinger, C. Frederick – Canadian Social Studies, 1996
Provides an annotated list of useful ERIC articles regarding Canadian history. Although several items are from the old, "History and Social Science Teacher" or "Canadian Social Studies," many other sources are listed. Includes information on ordering and accessing the articles. (MJP)
Descriptors: Annotated Bibliographies, Curriculum Study Centers, Educational Resources, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
McMurtry, John – Canadian Social Studies, 1991
Asserts that Canadian schools should be educating students in the historically developed subjects matters. Suggests that a back-to-basics approach to education fails to appreciate the traditional subject matters as great sagas of human discovery. Concludes that schools are largely anti-intellectual places that are not inquiry driven and do not…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Back to Basics, Core Curriculum, Educational Environment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kelebay, Yarema Gregory – Canadian Social Studies, 1991
Discusses some of the current problems facing Quebec and the debate over news coverage of those problems. Reports that Quebec's schools will receive increased funding and undergo a three-year reform. Describes local school boards' continuing financial problems and controversies surrounding the handling of school funds. Examines young Anglos'…
Descriptors: Bilingualism, Boards of Education, Culture Conflict, Current Events
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Dhand, Harry – Canadian Social Studies, 1991
Cites research underscoring cooperative learning's value in global education. Examines the nature and structure of cooperative learning and describes the strategies of conflict analysis, reversals, and case studies. Explores the evaluation of and some of the limitations of case studies. Argues that a cooperative approach to global studies can…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Conflict, Cooperative Learning, Elementary Secondary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mock, Karen R. – Canadian Social Studies, 1997
Reviews the moral issues and political circumstances of the Holocaust. Identifies four prototypical participants and discusses their role and actions in terms of personal decisions. These are: Victims, Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Activists. Concludes with a call for individuals to examine their own efforts at combatting bigotry and hatred. (MJP)
Descriptors: Anti Semitism, Civil Liberties, Community Responsibility, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
McMurty, John – Canadian Social Studies, 1997
Presents an interesting metaphorical critique of the current enthusiasm for the global market and the free market system. Delineates 10 defining principles of a fundamentalist theological doctrine and then suggests replacing the term "global market" with "Supreme Ruler." Criticizes free market capitalism as being occasionally…
Descriptors: Capitalism, Criticism, Economic Factors, Economic Impact
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kilgour, David – Canadian Social Studies, 1996
Argues that new patterns of trade and production combined with an emphasis on a knowledge-based economy/society make it imperative that Canada upgrade its educational system. Specifically notes that several growing and dominant industries (microelectronics, biotechnology, telecommunications) require a high-tech skilled labor force. (MJP)
Descriptors: Economic Change, Economic Impact, Education Work Relationship, Educational Improvement
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